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When experiancing hair loss due to Chemotherapy or Alopecia dealing with insurance companies is the last thing you want to do. To help with your call I will outline what you will need, how and what to say. I will try to word it as easy as I can.

First you will need a perscription from your Doctor for a (medical cranial prosthesis) in other words a wig.

Call your insurance company. Tell them you have a prescription from your doctor for a medical cranial prosthesis due to chemotherapy.

DO NOT ASK THEM IF YOU HAVE COVERAGE. Say my doctor told me to call to see how much coverage I have under my ( Durable Medical Equipment) part of my policy.

When they return to you they may come back with many different answers. Here is a sample of their answers and how to respond to each of them.

They may say you are covered at 100% (rare) but if true that’s great. Ask them what the cap is. A cap is the most that they will pay. Write the amount down and make sure you get the representatives first and last name.

They may say you are covered for 50% after your deductible, which I’m sure you have met by now. Your response should be the same as above.

Now this part is a little tricky. I need to explain to you about in network and out of network. This is different from doctors. The insurance companies put wigs under durable medical equipment. They have lists of durable medical places to send you, but these places do not sell wigs. They sell wheelchairs hospital beds ect. So they consider if you go any place

 that specializes in wigs out of network. We have tried to correct this and the situation doesn’t change. We have found that if you tell them that none of these places have wigs and your Dr. has a letter stating where they want the prescription filled, that this usually over rides this situation and then puts you in network. So find where you want to go, have your Dr. write this letter and mail it in with your prescription for payment.

If they say you have no coverage ask if there is a written discloser saying that. If its not in writing you ask how to appeal this. If they say it is in writing then you don’t have coverage.

If you don’t have coverage and need assistance, your American Cancer Society can help. Either with a free wig (just a inexpensive wig new or used) or 150.00 towards the price of a new one. Depending on the area you live in.

Information for payment for wigs for Alopecia unfortunitly is difficult. Very few insurance companies will cover. This is a shame, we all need to help fight against this. The Alopecia Foundation say they have ways to help. or 415(472)3780.

I do have a connection with a manufacture that will cover wigs for children with no insurance up to age 21. I would need to meet with you and your child to order.






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