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Our Consultation

Our complementary consultation- You will be greeted by a compassionate, licensed cosmetologist with over 25 years of experience as a certified hair replacement technician. Our private, caring atmosphere creates a feeling of comfort.

Just a word of advice- If you are about to experience hair loss due to Chemotherapy, Please don’t cut your hair short as many doctors and nurses advise. If you would like a smooth transition between hair loss and wearing a wig, and you want your wig to look like your hair now, cutting your hair prevents that from happening.

Getting to know you- At this time we find it important to discuss the cause of your hair loss so we can best advise you in the solutions that are available to you. We will analyze your hair type, density and color for duplication. We discuss your lifestyle and what your expectations are. Through our discussion we will be able to insure that your expectations will be understood and met.  

Information is power –We know that in most cases this journey in life is unwanted and all new to you. This is why we like to share all the information that is needed to make an optimal educated decision. Some of the topics that will be discussed and shown are:

. Various types of hair replacements- Wigs, Hair Pieces, Men’s Hair Units, Hair Extensions, and Custom made, Stock, Semi - custom.  All state of the art designs for women, men and children.

. Variety of hair choices- We carry the largest selection of human hair and synthetic to meet you every need.  First I would like to correct the” old wives tale” that human hair is heavy, uncomfortable, and hot and needs to be styled all the time. This was true many years ago when wig suppliers could only obtain oriental hair.

Through the years we have been able to obtain all varieties of human hair, so we can duplicate an individual’s own hair and supply extreme comfort. The weight is ounces. Open breathability and effortless styling.

Types of human hair available- At the time of your consultation you will see, touch and feel the differences between: Kosher hair-  Oriental hair ~ Indonesian hair ~ European refined ~ European ~ Virgin usually from Belgium or Russia. All of these have different density and texture. They are available in straight, body and curly and in every natural shimmering color imaginable. The hair moves with your movement as your own. The quality is superior and can duplicate any look without effort. All human hair can be treated the same as your own, using all the same styling tools and products.

 Synthetic – The wigs or pieces are made of polyester a petroleum based fiber. These units are also light weight. The style you choose is the style it will remain. There is no way of changing its look because you are not able to use any heat at all on them. Using heat or using the oven or steaming will melt the fiber. It is suggested that because of matting of the fiber, more than one is needed. These wigs come in a selection of colors, but not as extensive and realistic as human hair. There is a new synthetic that has yet to be proven, they say it defies heat but we are not confident at this time.

Monofilament –All of our wigs and pieces are especially designed for the comfort of our clients with hair loss. The use of monofilament allows you to part anywhere and sees your scalp. Making your replacement totally realistic.

.Expert fitting- If you are going to be wearing a wig, a proper fitting must be done. Measurements of your head are taken and your wig is sewn to fit your head perfectly. Wig manufactures basically have one size and we all know one size does not fit all. The fitting is done for your comfort and for giving you your own profile.
When we make custom replacements a mold is taken of your head for proper fitting.

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